When Pandora's Box Gets in the Way

What's the good of having a box if it has all the negative forces and evilness of the world and beyond? And what is the good of having a box containing all the opposite of what it originally has? If the box is now a help on dating and attracting women, will you now be interested to open? Oops. It is still the Pandora's box. Why risk yourself in getting the evil part of it if you can make a way to gravitate the women you like the most to you, less effortlessly?

How Hard It is To Attract Women?

Men who had girlfriends before would laugh at this question. They would even consider this silly and is formulated just for Pandora's box. But in reality, most men, even those whose looks are far better than what they think, can’t say even a simple hello to a girl they like a lot. What could be lacking?

•    Purpose – is it just for the sake of being in a relationship or it’s more than that
•    Self-Assurance – trust to yourself that everything’s going to be okay
•    Acceptance – that whatever is the result, it won’t drag your self-esteem to the ground
•    Application – the less you do it, the less you get to perfect it

Proposing to a woman that you like her could somewhat be similar to opening a can of worms but sometimes it could be the same as opening a chest of treasure. Taking the risk on what could happen next is essential to knowing if you have a chance or not.

What Women Wants

Remember that woman wants a guy who has clean intention when approaching them. Having the initiative to know them is equal to saying to them “I like you”. Confidence mixed with gentleness is a superb formula to catch the heart of a woman and patience is the surprise ingredient. Don’t rush on things. Control yourself as much as possible because if you rush too much, instead of opening a treasure chest, you might be opening the Pandora’s box and you’re doomed.